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Your data, synchronised across multiple devices, safely stored on Cloud servers

All information entered into B-eazy is stored in a secure cloud server. This means it’s saved on powerful, closely supervised computers, which are very unlikely to crash or become corrupt. The safety of cloud technology means you’re not relying on your old PC or laptop at home to store your crucial business and accounting information. The computers used to store B-eazy data have been built to keep your precious business information ready for when you need it.

You can login to cloud servers from any device or computer at any time, anywhere you have internet connection. Your business’ financial details are always safe and easy to access by you and your staff. Any transactions are instantly synchronised so all users can see the most up to date information.

It’s the safety of this technology and the ease of access to your business information that makes B-eazy the perfect tool for self employed business bookkeeping.