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Make it incredibly easy for customers to pay

Want to be paid sooner? Want to be paid on the go as work is completed? Want peace of mind?

When it comes to paying for work, customers want choice; some want to pay with cash, some by card and other prefer cheque. Why not accommodate all methods to remove any excuse not to pay?

B-eazy can equip you with the ability to take all kinds of payments. Through the optional integration of a card not present merchant facility with our super-fast invoicing system customers are able to pay by credit card on the spot. This highly secure payment system provides the functionality of an EFTPOS machine, including receipts without the burden of carrying around the machine.

The benefit to you is fewer overdue invoices greater cash flow and less time spent chasing up arears.

B-eazy also takes care of any surcharging requirements.

Don’t replace your existing account software – improve it.

One of the best things about B-eazy is how well it works with other bookkeeping systems. B-eazy has been developed to allow the transfer of information to major accounting software like Xero. As you transact, send invoices, capture expenses and enter client’s details into B-eazy the information is stored in a way that is compatible with Xero via a user initiated transfer to Xero.

What is the benefit of seamless user initiated data transfer?

It allows you to continue using accounting software you are familiar with and trust, whilst also accessing the unique services B-eazy provides. Ultimately, the information transfers allow you to create a more comprehensive accounting and cash flow management system.

Onsite, between jobs or anywhere your work takes you, B-easy will ensure you’ll never be far from your business records. Access all the features of the B-eazy Cloud on your smart device.

By utilising our complimentary app provided with every B-eazy subscription you can:

  • ● You can create and send invoices in less than a minute.
  • ● You can digitally record expenses in seconds.
  • ● You can check your cash flow in four button presses.

The B-eazy app has been specifically designed to be user-friendly whilst providing the functionality to run the cash flow of your business out of the palm of your hand.

A modern business needs a modern bookkeeping system. Our innovative solution can help you reduce hours spent on admin and bookkeeping, freeing up time for more enjoyable things.

Know how your business is traveling on one easy to read screen.

Cash flow is the life blood of any business and can be a major concern for business owners. We can help you understand how your cash flow is positioned and make it easy to monitor fluctuations as they occur.

Manage the financials of your business from one user friendly dashboard. View this information on demand from anywhere via our complimentary smart device app.

Take the stress out of cash flow management by having accurate and up to date information regarding:

  • Your Banking
  • ● Daily opening balance every morning.
  • ● Credit card payment awaiting clearance.


  • Your Invoices
  • ● The total amount of invoices sent from your business broken down into different segments.


  • Your Expenses
  • ● The expense incurred by your business, shown as totals for the past month and quarter.


This powerful tool will help remove the ambiguity around your businesses cash flow and allow business owners to focus on growing their business.

* Note some information is dependent on linkages with B-eazy partnering financial institutions.

Revolutionise how you invoice your customers

Use your phone or tablet to invoice customers via email or text immediately after you finish a job, before you drive away.

At the moment, you might be waiting to send invoices at the end of the day, week or month. What if you could invoice customers while still on the job site in seconds?

The B-eazy app removes the need to sit down in front of a computer to invoice your customers. Invoicing on the go benefits your business by ensuring all invoices go out without delay and none are overlooked. Creating professional invoices takes seconds using B-eazy’s invoice wizard. All invoices are stored and are accessible via the cloud or app making chasing up outstanding payments hassle free.

The presence of a Credit Card Payments feature allows customers to click through to make an online payment.

B-eazy gives you on the spot expense management

Modernise your expense management methods and stop hoarding physical receipts with B-eazy. Digitally capture expenses as they are incurred via your smart device’s camera and store them securely in the Cloud.

The benefits of the B-eazy expense management method include never having to worry about losing receipts again, reduced work at tax time and continuous visibility over your business’s expenses. Whether you do your own bookkeeping or hire an accountant B-eazy can save you time and money.

B-eazy’s expense wizard is fully compliant with The Australian Tax Office Rules and Guidelines.

Linkages with Xero mean that expense information collected by B-eazy can be shared with your Xero account.

Save time, save money.

The power of B-eazy is in its capacity to help reduce the man hours and money required to maintain your business’s bookkeeping. Especially valuable to small businesses who do not want to waste money on accountants to do something they can do themselves.

B-eazy uses information from your linked bank account in conjunction with information entered into the app to automatically match and reconcile transaction, invoices and expenses as they occur.

The system uses identifiers to marry up the transactions. If an exact match cannot be found there is a manual reconciliation wizard that will provide you with the most likely suggestions to match.

The effect of this is a highly automated continuous reconciliation system that can be controlled from the palm of your hand. Designed for time poor business owners this powerful feature can drastically reduce your reliance on bookkeepers.

B-eazy provides a comprehensive reporting system which allows you to generate on demand documents outlining key financial information.

Reports can be accessed via the Cloud or sent to your inbox via the app.

  • Reports include:
  • ● BAS
  • ● Profit/loss
  • ● Annual Income Report
  • ● Expense Report etc

To improve the efficiency of the reporting period you can give your accountant/bookkeeper their own access to your account. This will allow them to enter your B-eazy account and pull any required information.