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What you’ll love about B-eazy

Spend minutes to save hours

B-eazy makes running your business much more of a pleasure, because you can spend the time you once spent on account keeping on other things, like increasing your skills, putting quotes together, training new staff, or finding new customers.

Enjoy having control over your business

You ALWAYS know you’ve invoiced every job you’ve done
You ALWAYS know how much you’re owed
You ALWAYS know your expenses
You ALWAYS know what’s available to spend
You ALWAYS know if there are overdue invoices

B-eazy has the power to change your self employed business for the better

  • ● Use your bank reconciliation as a business tool to monitor outstanding invoices and keep track of your outgoings.
  • ● Transfer a file of data to your accounting package in seconds. Your accountant, tax agent and bank manager will love you because you’ll always be on top of your admin.
  • ● When it’s time to borrow money to expand your business you’ll have plenty of hard evidence of a good financial record.
  • ● You can use reports to predict your cash flow for the year ahead and make capital investment or expansion plans.